About me.

Hi, I’m Robert McCallum

You might also know me as M42D, Base5 or Drubes.

I recently discovered that im a hacker and have had been a hacker all my life.

Part of me already knew this, but I’ve had been repressing it for years.
trying to live a life as a cook , electrical engineer, process operator, service engineer. it all din’t fell good to me.

I love,

  • Reverse engineering software and hardware.
  • Learning how things work.
  • Finding bugs.
  • Finding ways to exploit these bugs.
  • And my girlfriend of course

Noverber 2018 I got into playing CTF.
December 2018 I founded the BawlSec CTF team.

I am now looking to find a job as a reverse engineer or pen tester.

More about me.