Happy New Year!!

Hey, It has been a while since the last time I posted here.
A lot has changed in the last year after my last post.
– Broke up with my girlfriend whom I was with for 6 1/2 years.
– Temporarly moved in with a friend, his girlfriend and the 2 bratiest boys you’ll ever meet, so my ex could stay in our house until she found something else.
– Got my first ICT job at Palo Alto Networks. (17-05-2019)
– Leared a lot about the OS I was avoiding for so many years (Windows)
– Got a new girlfriend.
– Got my house back.
– Broke up with the new girlfriend.

So, there you go.. my list of excuses why I’ve not been playing CTFs as crazy as I use to do.

But I just got reminded that 2019 has passed, and so has the the NIXU challenge 2019 and this means I can finaly publish the write-ups.
and the libsy decompiler and emulator code https://github.com/Drubes/NIXU_2019_Lisby